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The Solar Balloon

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Sometimes, it is the simplest of toys that can capture a kid’s attention. Some toys need not always be of a complex design to be fascinating. Take this Solar Balloon for instance. It is a good way to teach kids some interesting scientific principles in a fun way.

The Solar Balloon will help kids experience how certain things act in different fascinating ways. Just lay out the fifty-foot balloon in open space on a clear and sunny day. Fill it with air and close out the sides to prevent them from going out. Then leave the inflated balloon on the ground and wait.

As the sun’s rays hit the dark surface of the Solar Balloon, it heats up, causing the air inside the balloon to warm up. As the air inside gets warmer, the balloon will slowly rise and float, as the warmer air inside is lighter than cool air outside. Watch your kid’s eyes light up as the solar Balloon begins to floats up in the air.

Using the effect happening on the Solar Balloon, you can teach your kids about natural scientific principles buoyancy, thermodynamics, convection and others through a simple yet interesting demonstration. It is an ideal tool to use for scientific demonstrations in class. Kids will have fun leaving the Solar Balloon float as high as a rooftop for hours and hours. The set comes with a 400 feet of string to attach to the Solar Balloon and prevent it from floating loose. The balloon is made out of durable materials to make sure that it takes flight every time. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $18.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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