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Snap Circuits Motion Kit

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Kids love to play with toys that feature a dynamic component. In short, kids love toys that move. Although there are toys that can do such things, some kids sometimes like to explore how they create movement. Teaching kids what makes some toys move takes more than telling them it is all about electronics. The Snap Circuits Motion Kit can help do a better job.

The Snap Circuits Motion Kit helps kids build the electronic circuits that make different things move. This kit features parts with pieces that snap together and into the circuit board easily. A detailed 82-page instruction manual is available to guide kids how to create the projects. There are over 168 electric circuit projects to build, along with three moving models to construct.

The Snap Circuits Motion Kit contains all the parts that kids will need to create electronic circuits. It can help introduce kids early to understanding how to create different circuits and how they can make things move. The kit can also help kids develop their fine motor skills, focus and encourage scientific learning. The Snap Circuits Motion Kit is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $76.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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