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Smarty Pants – 4th Grade Card Set

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There are kids who just love to absorb as many facts as they can. They love to collect trivia and relish the idea that they know something that some of their friends or classmates do not. This hobby can also help them become more informed and knowledgeable about everyday things. For fourth graders, this Smarty Pants – 4th Grade Card Set may be quite a treasure trove of trivia to learn and absorb.

The Smarty Pants – 4th Grade Card Set comes with loads and loads of interesting facts and humorous trivia. Kids can also test their knowledge by playing with the 120 brain building cards filled with questions, puzzles and games. The cards are designed to be fun, colorful and suitable for curriculum standards for each age range. In this case, the cards are ideal for fourth graders and may also be a good learning tool that parents can use. You know that humor is infused with the design of the cards because of the unique pants-shaped card holder and case that the cards come with. The Smarty Pants – 4th Grade Card Set is designed for kids around 8 years old. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $13.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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