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Smarty Blocks

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Building blocks for kids help enhance their creativity and imagination. It also helps if there are blocks that can also make kids smart. Toys like the Smarty Blocks certainly can help many kids become smarter the more they play.

The Smarty Blocks are different from most building blocks out there in that these set helps smart kids become smarter. Instead of just having blocks that kids can stack up and build things, Smarty Blocks helps develop a child’s mental and cognitive skills in many different ways. The blocks come with different colored challenge cards. One set allows kids to develop fine motor skills along with visual recognition by trying to stack up the blocks according to the pattern provided in the card. Another challenge helps develop reading, spelling and logical thinking by stacking the blocks using worded instructions.

The Smarty Blocks help provide kids some mental training along different levels. It is a great skill builder for developing minds. The set comes with 10 wooden blocks and 160 challenge cards. It is an ideal toy for providing kids developing a solid foundation for academic excellence. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $29.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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