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Smartphone Science Lab

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Kids are fascinated with many things around them. But what interests them can sometimes be just limited by what they can see. There are also some things unseen to the naked eye that can be just as fascinating. The microscopic world, for example, can be something worth exploring. With the Smartphone Science Lab, kids may now be able to explore small things in a new way using a smartphone.

The Smartphone Science Lab comes with a microscope attachment that kids can fix into a smartphone camera. Using this setup, kids may be able to see things too small to notice before. There are also filter attachments that will enable kids to see different light waves. The Smartphone Science Lab comes with a 24-page booklet containing 20 experiments that can teach kids about the microscopic world, light waves, sound, satellites and many more. The microscope attachment comes with LED lighting for clarity of specimens and viewing microscopic object and images. The universal attachment works for both smartphones and tablets.

The Smartphone Science Lab is an ideal way to introduce kids to the microscopic world using a common device in the form of a smartphone or tablet. This science lab set also helps encourage kids to develop their fine motor skills and scientific learning. It is an ideal learning tool for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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