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Smart Start Puppy Up

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It is important for kids to know math at an early age. But it seems that some parents are not that keen of teaching them. What may be a good alternative is let kids learn about math through play. The Smart Start Puppy Up certainly can help.

The Smart Start Puppy Up is a unique and fun game of numbers and puppies. It also features a dog scale where kids need to balance the weights to know the correct answer to math questions. It features puppies as well as numbers from 1 to 10. Each number weigh the same as the number of puppies. Kids will know that they get the correct answer when the dog scale balances between the number of puppies and the chosen numeral placed on the dog scale.

The Smart Start Puppy Up also comes with 30 double sided cards with numbers on one side and a simple math problem on the other. Kids need to solve the math problem and place the numeral chosen on the dog scale and the number of puppies on the other. If the dog scale tips on the other side, then kids need to solve the problem again.

The Smart Start Puppy Up is a simple and yet fun way for kids to learn math. It helps them develop their counting and addition skills as well as introduce them to problem solving. This toy is ideal for kids from 2 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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