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Smart Lab Secret Message Lab Science Kit for Girls

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When you think about girl’s toys, dolls and fashion trinkets usually come to mind. It seems pretty limited compared to what the boys usually have to play with. There are also some girls who love playing toys that are specially and uniquely designed for them. It cannot get as unique as this new Secret Message Lab Science Kit from Smart Lab.

The Secret Message Lab Science Kit is a unique science kit designed for girls. Whether you are a science geek or just want to something new and interesting to play with, this science kit may be it. The Secret Message Lab Science Kit allows kid girls to create codes and write secret messages and learn the science behind it. The girls will learn how to use acids and bases in order to make invisible ink. They can learn how light waves and colored filters can reveal secret messages. The science kit also teaches them how to write and create their own secret codes and many more exciting science activities.

The Secret Message Lab Science Kit comes with 2 Magic Lock secret cases, 2 invisible ink pens, 2 cipher wheels, 2 red acetates, 2 code wheels, a pair of red as well as blue markers and 2 white crayons. The kit also comes with a 24-page full color book that contains activity instructions as well as science information, history and facts about creating secret codes. The Secret Message Lab is ideal for kid girls 8 years old and above. It is currently available for pre-order at International Playthings for $25.

Image Source: International Playthings

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