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Smart Lab Room Defender

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Some kids can really value their privacy. Well, there are some secrets that some kids will want to keep from friends and even those nosy family members. Keeping their room doors locked will help. But when mom or dad has the key, there may be issues. Kids can instead make use of the Smart Lab Room Defender to keep secret data away from prying intruders to their room.

The Smart Lab Room Defender is a unique room security system for kids that can be fun to have at home. Using basic computer programming, kids can learn how to make the security system function is different ways to keep things secure. Kids can learn basic programming on a more practical level that they can appreciate. Kids can learn how to use basic INPUT, OUTPUT and IF-THEN commands to customize the security system. They can make it function as an alarm, an intruder monitor or create incoming or outgoing messages for people going in and out of the room.

The Smart Lab Room Defender comes with a door alarm, 3 key access cards, 2 trigger extenders, a cardboard guide as well as a book guide that will help kids learn how to use the security system. It is ideal for kids who wish to prevent others from snooping around. It is ideal for kids 10 years old and above who wish to learn about basic programming as well as develop their logic as well as imaginative play. It requires 3 AAA batteries to work. The Smart Lab Room Defender is available at Fat Brain toys for $37.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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