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Smack it! Card Game

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Kids can have fun playing different card games. There are rules they need to learn and follow first. Kids usually are better off playing card games with simple rules such as Slap Jack or War. These card games are simple number or suit comparison card games. Kids can easily learn them and have a fun activity while doing so. The new Smack it! Card Game offers a new twist to the two mentioned classic card games.

The Smack it! Card Game can provide kids with a fun and action-packed card game to play with friends and family. This card set comes with 56-custom cards to play with as well as game rules and instructions. The game starts with players dividing the cards equally among them, depending on how many is playing. Players then only need to quickly flip their cards into a central pile and battle to see who gets the pile during challenge rounds when the Challenge card comes up. When a Smack it! card comes up, the first one to smack the pile with his or her hand gets the pile. Players need to stay sharp in order to win. Winners end up with the most cards in the end.

The Smack it! Card Game is ideal for kids since it is fun to play and easy to learn. Two to seven players can play the game, which can last from seven to 14 minutes. The Smack it! Card Game is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It helps kids develop a skill in number comparison and helps develop their focus and concentration as well. It is available at Amazon for around $7.

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