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Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Kit for Xbox 360

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Kids would love playing their video games. Some kids would love playing with physical toys instead. It would be a great if there is a toy that combines both into a single playing experience. One new option that many kids will surely love is the Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Kit for Xbox 360.

The Skylanders SWAP Force is a unique gaming experience for kids who love to play the Xbox 360 as well as toy figures. This toy set combines both to give kids a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that is both fun and creative. The starter pack comes with a video game, a Portal of Power, 3 Skylanders figures, 3 trading cards, 3 sticker sheets with cheat codes and a character collector poster.

Kids can use each Skylanders figure in the video game by putting it on the Portal of Power while running the game on the Xbox 360. Each figure comes with its own powers and abilities. Kids can use these qualities to go through and complete the different stages of the video game. But that is not all. Each figure comes with all its data and saves during the game. What makes them unique is that kids can swap one-half of the each figure for another. Each figure comes with a removable half that can be swapped with that of another figure. What comes out is a new or combined figure that gets the both the attributes of the previous figure and that of the swapped half. It gives kids an entirely new figure with added powers and qualities to play with. With several different character figures available, there are lots of figures to choose and combine for added fun and enjoyment. The Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Kit for Xbox 360 is available at Toys R’ Us for $60.

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