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Simon Memory Toy

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As a parent, I would love my kids to grow up bright and intelligent. One thing to develop in them early is their memory. Early memory development is important to make our kids learn and retain them. A fun way to help kids develop early memory is by using this Simon Memory Toy.

The Simon Memory Toy is a classic toy helping kids develop have a sharper memory. It offers a way to test and challenge your kid’s memory in a fun and exciting way. It is a circular device that comes with large lighted buttons in the colors, blue, yellow, red and green. It offers a simple memory test by letting you recall the color sequence, provided by Simon. Kids only need to follow the sequence. It may look like a simple game. But it offers many challenges as the color sequences lengthen as you get the sequence right. This can test out how good your memory is.

There are three different games that kids can play on Simon. Game one is Simon Says, which is about trying to repeat what color sequence that Simon gives you. Game Two gives kids the challenge of determining the next color in the sequence that Simon gives. Game Three involves a bit of team play. Other kids can be assigned one of the four colors on Simon. They are then tasked to press the button on according to the sequence. When a player missed pressing the right sequence, then he or she is eliminated. The Simon Memory Toy is ideal for improving memory. Even adults can find it interesting and challenging to play with as well. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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