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Sick Science Color Chem Set

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Some kids just have this early fascination with science. They tend to become more interested on their surroundings. They try to discover and understand how things around them work and never stop until they do. Curiosity at this age can be a valuable tool for learning if parents know how to channel it in the right direction. Having toys for the kids that will encourage scientific learning like this Sick Science Color Chem Set can be just one example.

The Sick Science Color Chem Set features experiments that will further amaze and fascinate kids and lead them to an exciting path of scientific discovery. The experiments are based on chemistry and involve some magical results that will keep kids in wide-eyed amazement. The results may be magical, but they are all based on scientific principles.

With the Sick Science Color Chem Set, kids can experiment with color-changing paper, properties of liquids and learning about other chemicals. The science kit comes with a detailed instruction booklet to guide kids through the experiments. The kit also comes with QR codes that kids can scan to watch detailed instructional videos regarding the different experiments. The Sick Science Color Chem Set can teach kids about logic, critical thinking as well as in following instructions. This science kit is ideal for kids from 6 years old and up and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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