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Shoot Again Basketball

by dennis

Some kids love shooting hoops so much that they usually love to do it even inside the home. That’s why you can find a hoops set usually set up in a kid’s bedroom wall or door. Kids will really love a basketball set like the Shoot Again Basketball.

The Shoot Again Basketball is a portable toy that can be set up into a kid’s room for fun. It is not just any basketball ring. It comes with its own automatic ball feeding system that sends the ball to the shooter every time each shot is made. It is a good way for kids to practice repetitive shooting to improve their game. It also comes with an electronic scoring system and a time clock to practice those time pressure shots. Kids use a foam basketball for safety purposes as it is usually setup inside homes.

The Shoot Again Basketball is designed to fit most doors. It is designed for kids 7 years old and above. It is available at Franklin Sports for US$47.

Image Source: Franklin Sports

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