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Shape Sorting Clock

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With clocks found all over the house, kids will readily get fascinated by them. The movement and the chime that clocks make when they hit the hour sounds interesting to these young minds. It can also be used as a tool for learning like what this Shape Sorting Clock can do.

The Shape Sorting Clock is a wooden clock designed for kids. This circular clock board comes with a clock face composed of removable chunky wooden pieces for numbers and in different bright colors. Kids can learn how to fit in the wooden pieces in their place according to their shapes. The hour and minute hands are color coded to their corresponding  readings for kids to learn how to make the association.

Kids can try to spin the hands around the clock face. Parents can also help kids tell time by teaching them how the clock hands are placed on certain times. This will help the kids have a basic understanding of clocks and their function. Later on, it will help them learn how to read time faster.

With the Shape Sorting Clock, kids will be able to develop an understanding of the concepts about time. By playing with this toy, kids will also be able to develop their cognitive and motor skills as well as help promote interactive play. The Shape Sorting Clock is ideal for kids from  3 years old and above and is available at Melissa and Doug for $13.

Image Source: Melissa and Doug

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