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The early stage learning of kids can determine how their brains will eventually develop and progress. At the early learning years, it helps to keep our kids to find ways to explore and develop their interest on things. Educational toys ensure that kids learn as they are having fun. Toys such as the Shape Factory can introduce them to fun games while learning about shapes.

The Shape Factory is a unique type of shape-sorting toy. There are a lot of toys available where kids try to find a specific shape and then place it on a correct slot. But after some time when kids have learned how to sort out the different shapes, they can tire out of doing the activity over and over again. The Shape Factory aims to add other challenges into the shape sorting game.

The Shape Factory toy comes with a top that spins and changes into different shape slots. The changing shapes give the kids more of a challenge of finding the right shape to fit into each slot. With this toy, kids from the age of two and above can learn not only about shape matching but also develop their spatial reasoning skills. This toy also helps develop their fine motor skills as well as help them learn more about problem solving and experimentation at an early age. The Shape Factory is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $25.
Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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