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Shadow FX Color Projector

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Shadow play is a game that many kids love to play. Setting up a simple light source such as a flashlight and a blank wall can lead kids to do creative things with shadows using their hands. In a rather unique twist, kids may have a better way to enjoy a different kind of shadow play with the Shadow FX Color Projector.

The Shadow FX Color Projector enables kids to play with shadows in color. It can project a light show with 3 pivoting lights in red, green and blue colors. To telescopic arms that extend from the light base allow to play with the lighting set up and widen the projection area. Four buttons on the light base provide different ways to combine colors.

The Shadow FX Color Projector comes with shadow shapes sheets where kids can draw objects and images using the 2 mini gel FX markers. Place the sheet into the panel stand and in front of the light base and you get to project your drawings in full color. You can also place objects or even yourself behind the panel to add different dimensions to your light show. Kids can have fun using their creativity to play with the Shadow FX Color Projector. It is an ideal toy for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $30.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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