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SET Card Game

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Card games present different challenges for kids. The rules make it fun and engaging. With a card game like SET, kids as young as 6 years old can join in and certainly take part in all the fun. The rules are simple and yet so challenging.

In the card game, players need to follow certain rules in trying to make a set of three cards. They have a choice of making the set all the same or all different. Players have the object shapes, colors, count, and shading to consider when trying to make a set. The cards are laid out on the table. Players race each other to collect the cards shown and create a set. Players who can create the most sets wins.

In the SET card game, the challenge comes with different cards laid out once they are shuffled. It takes focus, concentration, and quick thinking in order to win. The simple rules put the players on equal ground. It is only a matter of who can think and move quick while trying to create a set of three cards. This card game is ideal for kids and helps promote brain health, logic, and concentration. Both easy to learn and fun to play, the SET Card Game can actually be a perfect game for parties, family gatherings or just for single players as well. The SET Card Game is available at Amazon for around $9.

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