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Separation Anxiety, A Different Board Game

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Kids become bored with toys when they no longer feel the challenge of playing with them. They seek other toys as they age. Some kids resort to playing challenging board games with friends and family members. If it is a unique challenge that your kids look for, then Separation Anxiety may help provide that in a sense.

Separation Anxiety is a unique board game in that it requires both your thinking cap and very good vision. That is because Separation Anxiety requires some visual focus and mental skills in order to win. The objective of the game is to disentangle the group of words in different colors combined together as one in a card belonging to a certain category. Players need to visually separate the words and try to guess correctly what word does not belong to the group.

Each card comes with three stacked words that come in pink, blue and green color. There are cards from three categories- Person, Place or Thing. Players need to collect a card from each category in order to win. So where does the anxiety come in? It is during the time when the players try to guess the correct answer all at the same time. The one who does it the fastest gets the card.

Separation Anxiety helps develop visual acuity as well as your logic and analysis skills. This game is designed for kids from 12 years old and above. It provides a worthy challenge to kids and teens who look for more challenging ways to have fun. There are a lot of puzzles to solve since the game set contains 150 double-sided puzzle cards. Separation Anxiety is available at Fat Brain Toys for $22.

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