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Seek A Boo Game Set

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Parents can give their kids a head start in terms of development by stimulating their senses through fun learning. Early stimulation develops a child’s mental capacity and aptitude for learning. But it needs to be fun and entertaining in order to capture the child’s interest. Making learning fun is possible through games and challenges. The Seek A Boo game for kids can help achieve this.

The Seek A Boo game aims to help develop memory, vocabulary and gross motor skills in kids. It does so through seek and find games using the Find Me and Seek Me Cards included in the game set. Square Find Me Cards provide a name for the image. Circular Seek Me Cards contain the image that kids need to find. The images are familiar items such as animals, food, shapes, colors and more.

The game starts by placing the Seek Me Cards on the floor face down. Kids then draw a Find Me Card with an image name and try to find the appropriate image on the Seek Me Cards. They then set aside the match and draw another card. For an easier challenge for younger kids, just place the Seek Me Cards face up on the floor and let the kids find the match on the Find Me Card faster.

The Seek a Boo aims to help develop a kid’s memory and vocabulary through simple and fun games. Kids learn to develop word to image identification and association. They can also get some much needed physical activity while trying to go through the different cards on the floor to find the match. The game set contains 36 Find Me Cards and 36 Seek Me Cards. Detailed instructions are also included to guide parents how to set up the different games. The Seek A Boo Game Set is ideal for kids 18 months old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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