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See & Spell Learning Toy

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As kids slowly grow, they also begin to learn things through their eyes. What is most important in this area is around the time that kids learn how to associate words with the images. They should be encouraged to learn the skill since it will introduce the kids to words and their associated pictures. Having the See & Spell Learning Toy.

The See & Spell Learning Toy is a good way to help young kids develop their sight-reading vocabulary skills. It features a set of wooden puzzles consisting of the letters of the alphabet. On each board, a picture is provided beside cutouts of three- and four-letter words that provides kids with the clue to the puzzle. There are more than 60 colorful wooden letters that can fit into these cutout boards. It is up to the kids to find those letters and fit them into the puzzle boards. This puzzle set is quite compact in that all the wooden boards and the colorful cutout letters can fit into a single compact wooden storage case. This makes it easy for parents and kids to bring along a fun learning tool even when taking a trip or simply going out to meet some friends.

The See & Spell Learning Toy helps kids learn more about spelling and word-to-image associations. Not only that, fitting the cutout letters into the wooden boards help develop a young child’s fine motor skills. It is a good way to help make learning fun for the kids. The See & Spell Learning Toy is ideal for children from 4 to 6 years old. Care should be taken for kids younger kids since the small parts of the puzzle can become a potential choking hazard. The See & Spell Learning Toy is available at Melissa and Doug for $20.

Image Source: Melissa and Doug

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