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Scrabble Twist

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Scrabble is a classic board game that many kids and even adults are familiar with. It is a classic word game that allows players to best each other in trying to score as many points by making words on the board based on the letter tiles they have. This classic game has been around since the late 1930’s. It may be time for an upgrade of this popular game in terms of how it is played. Hasbro has recently introduced the new Scrabble Twist that might do just that.

The Scrabble Twist is actually a handheld game rather than the usual board game. The aim of the game is still to build up word using the letters provided. But this time, there are no letter tiles to arrange on a board. Players only need to press the letters shown on its five circular displays to form words. They then need to twist one end in order to lock it in and pass it to the next player. Words are automatically approved as well as the scores. Players need not use all the letters provided to build up a word. They need 60 seconds to make one or they lose.

The Scrabble Twist handheld word game may be slightly different from what most people are accustomed to when playing with the board game. But it still has that objective of creating words and is still just as fun. It can also help kids learn how to focus and think quickly in trying to make up words to win the game. The handheld can also be played in either single player or multiplayer modes. The Scrabble Twist is expected to cost around $20 when Hasbro finally makes it available in stores.

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