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Scrabble Electronic Catchphrase Game

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Playing games is a big part of growing up, so much so that people usually do not outgrow the habit. Overall people aside from kids love playing games once in a while. In a gathering, games may help friends and family enjoy as a group. The Scrabble Electronic Catchphrase Game will surely add some crazy fun in such settings.

The Scrabble Electronic Catchphrase Game is a toy that just works as a tool to start off the craziness. The game requires two teams of people who get to try and guess the word or words that the device displays. A member of a team can provide clues or descriptions to the other members to help them guess the right word or phrase correctly. Once they do, they pass the device to a designated member of the other group for another word or phrase to guess at a press of a button. A buzzer sounds off to signal that time is over. Every right guess is equal to one point. A wrong guess is another point to the opposing team. Points for each team are displayed conveniently on the device. The team that reaches up to 7 points first, wins.

The Scrabble Electronic Catchphrase Game unit can provide hundreds of words or phrases to guess divided into 5 categories- Fun & Games, Entertainment, Everyday Life, The World and Variety. The game is designed for kids 12 years old and above, fun-loving adults included. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $20.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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