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Say The Word Cooperative Game

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Playing games can sometimes get kids to bring out their competitive spirit. But sometimes, it is not what parent would wish to develop in kids. There are things such as teamwork and cooperation that are also important traits kids need. In such instances, games like Say The Word may be an ideal choice parents will consider.

Say The Word is a fun memory game that helps instill cooperation and teamwork among players. After all, some games are meant to be fun playing together. It is a cooperative game that involves telling silly stories based on given words using zany characters. The challenge is to use the silly words all together in one phrase or sentence.

The Say The Word game is all about developing memory skills and all in the spirit of cooperation and fun. If players cannot recall a certain word, other players can play a charades type game to help out and finish the created story from start to finish. The game comes with 200 word cards, 16 challenge cards, 19 character cards, 5 clue tokens, a storyboard, a dry erase board and one anybody board as well as instructions for game play. The Say The Word cooperative game is ideal for kids 10 years old and above. It is available at Amazon for around $17.

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