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Sands Alive Starter Set

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Kids love to play with sand. It is a good building material for building sand castles. It helps bring out a kid’s imagination and creativity as they try to build something out of sand using what tools may be available. Unfortunately, most kids can only do this while at the beach of in sand boxes in playgrounds. Having a sandbox at home may not always be a good idea since it can be a very messy affair for parents to clean up afterwards. A good alternative is having kids play with this Sands Alive Starter Set.

The Sands Alive Starter Set is a special type of material that acts like sand. It is like molding dough but it can loosen up and flow through fingers like sand. It is also like a fluffy cloud and yet you can hold it in your hands. Kids can pack it hard and then create different shapes with it. This toy set comes with tools to help kids mold the magical sand into different forms and shape.

What makes the Sand Alive Starter Set ideal is that it is easy to clean up after kids play with them. The sand sticks together, making it easy to clean up.

The Sands Alive Starter Set comes with 1.5 pounds of Sands Alive sand, two sculpting tools, a roller, and a molding tool. The special sand is made from a non-toxic formula that also prevents bacterial growth. It is ideal for indoor play, for kids who love to develop their creativity by building objects with sand. The Sands Alive Starter Set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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