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Sand By Brookstone Lets Kids Build Sand Castles at Home

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When my family goes to the beach, I always bear in mind to bring along those toy buckets and shovels that help my kids as they build sand castles. Kids have this fascination with building things out of sand. Although their masterpiece may not always be spot on, it still helps give them something creative to do while at the beach. But if you wish your child to have lots of practice building those sandcastles even at home, you can always have Sand by Brookstone to bring at home.

Sand by Brookstone may look ordinary for a product; it comes as sand inside a bottle. But it is not just any ordinary sand. The Sand is special in that it comes with special properties. It acts like sand that always sticks and packs well when your kids form something with it. You might consider it similar to clay but with sand-like properties. It moves and oozes just like slightly wet sand. It is able to hold on together when you form something with it and yet it will not stick to your fingers.

The Sand is not messy since it sticks to its kind and does not create a mess like ordinary sand. There is no need to vacuum or worry about cleaning up once your kid is done playing and making something out of it. The Sand is for children ages 5 years old and up. You can give your kid a bottle of Sand to play at home which is about 2.2 pounds or a kilogram of the stuff. It is non-toxic although it can also be a choking hazard for smaller kids. Let your kids have fun practicing making sandcastles at home using this stuff. The Sand is available at Brookstone for US$25 a bottle.

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