RoseArt Magic Fun Dough

Kids really like to do things using their hands. That is why sometimes, parents see them  getting their hands on things that they end up breaking. One reason is that they sometimes just want to create or do things using their hands. After all, kids have a lot to discover at this stage of their lives. So why not help them by giving them toys that nurture this spirit of discovery and curiosity? You can give them the RoseArt Magic Fun Dough to play with.

The RoseArt Magic Fun Dough is a toy set that comes with many features. There is the Magic Fun Dough that kids can form into different shapes. Aside from that, kids can also create different colorful characters using the dough cutter and the rolling pin to create different shapes that will also serve as a mini-canvas. The toy set also comes with 50 transfer stickers of the different characters. Kids can use the Magic Transfer Water Pen or the Magic Transfer Press to set the characters into the Magic Fun Dough. To change characters, kids only need to knead the Magic Dough and the characters pressed into it will magically disappear.

The Magic Fun Dough set also comes with 5 Dough Cutters and 5 Display Stands to set up all the characters for imaginary play. The toy set also comes with five tubs of reusable Magic Fun Dough in different colors. Kids can have a choice between a Tea Party Set for girls and a Volcano Valley set for the boys. The RoseArt Magic Fun Dough is designed for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at Amazon for $16.

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