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Roominate Chateau Play Set

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Building play sets help kids become more creative and imaginative. But most of the time, building sets are geared towards the interest of boys rather than girls. However, there are also other building sets that cater to girls more than they do to boys. But they are usually not that common. But now, girls can have a building play set made just for them with the Roominate Chateau Play Set.

The Roominate Chateau Play Set features modular building pieces that will allow girls to create structures from scratch. In the case of the Roominate Chateau Play Set, girls can try to create a home for Bettina and her pet bunny. Girls can use their imagination and stylish mindset in order to create a dollhouse of sorts from the ground up. There are over 131 pieces to sue for building the Chateau. There are eight wall and floor panels that girls can connect together to start off building the home. There are also 52 building pieces for furniture, 32 connectors, and 4 arches.  In order to make it a unique home, the girls can also use the 4 wheels, 2 axles, a motor and a string of 4 lights when creating the building. The motor can be used to power up the fan along with the 2 switches and 2 battery packs. The set also comes with 20 sheets of craft paper to create the adornments for the room such as curtains, plants and other stuff for the home.

With the Roominate Chateau Play Set, girls can have the chance to use their creativity to build a unique playhouse for Bettina and her pet. It also helps develop their fine motor skills, problem solving ability as well as build up their confidence. The Roominate Chateau Play Set is made for girls 6 years old and up. It is expected to be available at stores by November. This play set is ideal for girls  from 5 to 12 years old and goes for around $50 at Toys R’ Us.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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