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Rollobie Baby Toy

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Discovering a child’s senses is the first step towards developing an understanding on how the world works. Toddlers may take some time to develop and understand the five senses. Toys are indeed a good way to help kids discover and develop their senses. The Rollobie Baby Toy is certainly such a useful toy for toddlers.

The Rollobie Baby Toy is a sensory-building friend that toddlers and young kids can play with. It comes with tactile horns that can switch the toy from sleeping to awake with a turn of the horned head. The toy rattles when kids make it roll on its belly. Toddlers can also use it for teething while playing. It is also ideal for on-the-go play.

The Rollobie Baby Toy encourages toddlers to develop their tactile, fine and gross motor skills. The toy also encourages imaginative play and auditory development. Ideal for kids from a year old and above, the Rollobie Baby Toy is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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