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Rolling America Dice Game

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Kids love going on an adventure. Traveling may be the most common way for them to do that. A cross country trip across America may be one exciting adventure. But unfortunately, kids (and even a lot of adults) may not always have that luxury. Well, there are other alternatives kids can try to go all over America without even leaving the home. They can have fun by playing the Rolling America Dice Game.

The Rolling America Dice Game is a game that will let kids the chance to “visit” the 50 US states. Well, kids visit each state through their board map while playing the game. The objective of the game is simple- try to visit as many of the US states by numbering them based on each roll of the dice. But playing it may not as easy as it seems. The Rolling America Dice Game has rules to make the game even more exciting to play. First, the dice are colored according to the sections of states on the board map. Players need to draw a pair of dice randomly from the three pairs of colored dice and a wild, uncolored die available. Players then get to list the number indicated on the rolled dice into their map board on states that matches the color of the dice. But it is not just that easy.

Rules of the game state that players can only write the number on a state if the other nearby states are still blank, an adjacent state is marked with the same number or with an “X”, and if the number already listed on the map has a difference of no more than one.

If that makes it challenging already, there are also other options to help the game even more interesting. Players can use Color Change to list the dice number in any state regardless of color. A Guard can be used to list a number into a blank state. A Dupe will enable the player to list the number on two states instead of just one. But players can only use these options once per game so they need to decide wisely when to use them.

And when players have no other way of listing numbers on the remaining blank states given the options and rules available, players have no other choice but to mark a state with an “X”. Each round stops when all six of the dice are rolled and are placed in the bag again to start another round. After eight rounds, players then need to count the number of states marked with X. The player with the least number of X’s wins the game.

The Rolling America Dice Game comes with 100 maps with colored sections of different states, 7 dice, and a dice bag. This game helps kids learn about numbers, logic and developing strategy. It is an ideal game to play for kids from 7 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $11.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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