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Some toys tend to be unique in terms of look and design. They usually take on a typical function but does it in a more unique way to make them fascinating and interesting. Take some toy cars for example. It may be easy to make something that kids can easily associate with while playing. Making the toy car run through the floor is a quite common activity. But if kids play with the Rolligo, then they have something more interesting and unique to play with.

The Rolligo does not look like a typical toy car or anything, although kids can play with it by pushing on it to make it go. It takes the concept of billiard balls stacked together in a unique way and rolled on a flat surface. The special Rolligo rack makes it possible for kids to stack up the different colored balls into a single unit. As kids push it forward, backward or in any direction, their fascination grows seeing the different vibrant colored balls spinning in all directions. It becomes a unique sensory treat for the kids as it also develops their gross motor, fine motor as well as their imaginative play skills. The toy set comes with the Rolligo rack and 10 colorful spheres that kids can stack up in different ways. The Rolligo is ideal for kids from one year old and up. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $25.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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