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Roller Blocks Play Wall

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It helps to keep the kids interested in doing certain activities. Not only do they keep the toddlers occupied with something to do, it also helps stimulate their senses and develop certain skills essential during their growth years. Toys are not just something kids can play with. They can also become tools for learning as well. Toys like the Roller Blocks Play Wall certainly fit into this category.

The Roller Blocks Play Wall is a toy set featuring blocks that toddlers can learn to roll into two sides of fun wall obstacles. It comes with 4 Roller Blocks that kids can learn how to slide, stack, drop, tumble or roll from two sides of wall pegs and ramps of the Play Wall. One side comes with ramps that kids can use to let the blocks roll from top to bottom. The other side features pegs that let the blocks go teeter-totter from one side to the other until it comes down. As the Roller Blocks move through, they can activate fun sounds.

Toddlers can also stack and store the blocks on the base or try to fit them on the block slot. Kids will also notice that the Roller Blocks have silly faces that change as they roll. The Roller Blocks Play Wall can also be adjusted as the baby grows, from Sit, Crawl and Play to Stand, Cruise and Play modes. The sounds, colors and activities help stimulate the baby’s senses. Moving the Roller Blocks also helps develop their fine motor skills. The Roller Blocks Play Wall is ideal for kids from 6 to 36 months of age. It is available at Fisher Price for $35.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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