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Roll and Play Child Game

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When I wish to play with my kids when they were young, I wanted them to learn something while having fun. In their very early development, it pays to teach them activities that also hone and sharpen their minds. Playing board games can help a lot. But most board games out there are designed for older kids and teenagers. Some objects used for such games can sometimes be choking hazards for some toddlers. If you are looking for a safer board game alternative, this Roll and Play Child Game may be a possible choice.

The Roll and Play Child Game is a simple and yet fun and educational game that parents and kids can play with together. It comes with a large plush cube with sides made up of different colors. This plush acts as a dice that kids can roll to pick a color. The game set also comes with 48 activity cards color-coded according to the colors of the dice. The cards are divided into six categories- Actions, Colors, Animal Sounds, Counting, Body Parts, and Emotions. There are eight activity cards belonging to each category.

The objective of the game is simple- you roll the dice and choose from the activity cards. Parents can get their kids to identify the color on the rolled dice. Have the kids choose one of the same color from the 48 activity cards. Activities are simple and fun to do. Parents may get instructions such as “Moo like a cow”, “Find something red” or “Point to your nose”. The aim of the game is not to win but to have fun. The Roll and Play Child Game introduces kids to learn play patterns. It also helps promote better child-and-parent interactions as well as strengthen their bond. The Roll and Play Child Game is for kids ages 18 months and up. It is available at ThinkGeek for US$20.

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