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Roll and Bounce Tower

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Kids love to play with moving things. They become fascinated when balls are rolling, cars moving and planes flying by. The action all around seems to capture their attention. Moving things become part of a child’s daily play activity. Give them a toy set like the Roll & Bounce Tower to help them explore and discover about motion and matter.

The Roll and Bounce Tower is a ball run set that kids can assemble and build. It features big and chunky tracks and tower pieces that fit together easily even when handled by those small hands. Kids can experiment building the tracks and towers to come up with unique ball runs featuring lots of ball action. You may hear the kids giggle as they watch the balls, roll, bounce, twirl and drop. Then they can start the action all over again with different ways to build up the tracks.

The Roll and Bounce Tower helps kids develop their hand-eye coordination as well as their cause and effect learning. It also helps them become more creative as they think up of different ways to build their ball run tracks with the pieces they have on hand. The Roll and Bounce Tower is ideal for kids from one year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $30.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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