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Rocketbook Color Notebook

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Many kids always love to test their creative skills with their drawings. No matter how primitive these drawings can be considering their ages, there is always something special parents can see in them. These drawings can show the progress that a child can show in what he or she can create. It is too bad parents cannot keep all of them all of the time. But at least having a digital copy might be the most convenient way to keep records of these one-of-a-kind works. This unique Rocketbook Color Notebook will be able to offer something along this area.

The Rocketbook Color Notebook is not your typical notebook. It is a reusable notebook that is designed for kids. The Color Notebook pages are specially designed for kids using crayons, colored pencils, and markers. The pages are specially compatible with Crayola dry-erase and washable drawing products. Kids can draw on the pages anything that their minds can come up with. And when the pages are filled up, they can easily be erased clean to repeat the process again. But that is not all the Rocketbook Color Notebook can offer.

Before kids can erase their creations, the parents are given the means to capture them to create digitized copies of each page. The Rocketbook Color Notebook is compatible with the Rocketbook app, making it convenient for creating digital copies of each artwork and then send it on the cloud. Aside from using better capture technology with auto-cropping and image processing features, the app also offers more convenience in sharing each page online. Kids can even create gifs using the different image captures from the app.

The Rocketbook Color Notebook offers a modern approach for kids to dabble in art while giving the parents a convenient way to record them. The notebook provides different pages for free form drawing, for structured drawings with grid-lined pages, and even for practicing handwriting. This unique notebook can be a creative kid’s constant companion for art. This notebook is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter where a pledge of $20 is good for one Rocketbook Color Notebook. It is expected to be available sometime in November of this year.

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