Robotix Taco Playbits

One effective way for kids to learn is through play. That is why many parents really try to integrate skill learning with games that many kids play. There are such toys that can be helpful to these parents such as the Robotix Taco Playbits set.
The Robotix Taco Playbits is a fun, screen-free STEM toy that can teach kids the basics of coding as well as other numeracy and literacy skills. The toy makes use of a magical wand and different sets of coding chips for kids to learn certain skills. There are different sets that will enable kids to learn ABC’s, music, math, and other 21st Century skills like logic and coding through fun games. Kids only need to use their magic wand to tap into a coding chip and their journey towards fun learning begins.
The Robotix Taco Playbits kits are designed to be scalable and flexible as learning tools. Kids can use the same wand for using the different kits. Parents can choose to buy extra game chips later, depending on how kids progress in their learning with Robotix Taco Playbits. It also allows parents to create and record their own questions and in the local language that kids can understand. It is also an ideal learning tool for visually impaired kids since it is Braille compatible.
The Robotix Taco Playbits is ideal for kids from 3 to 9 years old. There are several kits now available that starts at $99. Extra coding chips are also available from $19 to $29 per set.
Image Source: Robotix

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