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Robot Turtles Board Game

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Board games certainly have their distinct appeal among kids. While most of them may prefer the convenience of playing games on smartphones and tablets, there are kids who like the game play that most board game offers. And for parents, board games that can teach kids something are even better. One example is this unique Robot Turtles Board Game from ThinkFun.

The Robot Turtles Board Game is unique in that it is not just a fun game for kids to spend the time away. It is also a game that helps kids learn the basics of computer programming. Yes, it is never too early nowadays to learn about computers and coding programs. It is inspired by the Logo programming language, the game teaches small kids the basics of programming even before they can learn how to read.

The goal of the game is to get kids to move their turtle and get to a matching colored jewel on the board. In the game, the kids play the role of programmers while the parents or adults act as computers, following the commands and doing the tasks. This board game is ideal for kids from 4 to 8 years old. Adults can join in too and make playing the board game a family affair. The Robot Turtles Board Game is expected to be available in stores in June of this year for $40.

Image Source: ThinkFun

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