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Many kids may have replaced the classic book with more modern gadgets like the eBook, smartphone or tablet. But there are still many other kids who love a good book, as long as it has a good and interesting story. Parents will also love their kids reading in that lessons are learned as they develop this habit. Only that parents may not have thought about teaching kids with seemingly complex ideas early through reading. That is what the Robot Story Book aims to achieve.

The Robot Story Book is not just an ordinary story book for kids. It is actually an interesting book to teach kids about binary numbers. It is even made interesting with the robot characters as part of the story. The book uses rhymes to help kids understand about binary numbers. It is an ideal book to give for the wee nerds. And since kids learn about technology anyway, it helps giving them some of the basics that will help them understand it more. The Robot Story Book was written by Lisa Seacat DeLuca. It is an ideal book for kids who are just learning to read and for older kids who would like to know more about binary numbers. This book is available at Think Geek for $15.

Image Source: Think Geek

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