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Reverse Charades Game Set

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Charades is a classic game that kids young and old will love to play again and again. It helps develop creativity and recall as participants find a way to act out clues and to guess a target word or phrase. It is always fun to play among friends and family members, helping build cooperation and friendly interaction. The Reverse Charades game set can help keep the game even more enjoyable by giving the classic game a new twist.

The Reverse Charades Game Set offers a new way to play the game of Charades. Instead of one person acting out a clue for the teammates to guess, this game is played the other way around. The rest of the team members need to act out and only one player to guess. This twist can give the game a more hilarious element. It can become confusing if teams do not work together in acting out the clue. It can even be harder to guess since only one player needs to think about the answer to all the hilarious clues he or she is getting. But all in all, it is a more enjoyable and interesting twist to the classic game that kids and even adults learn to love.

The Reverse Charades Game Set comes with a set of 720 word cards for players to guess. It also comes with a mini sand timer that is good for 60 seconds. This game set is ideal for kids from 7 years old to 70. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $20.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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