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Revell Nano Quad- World’s Smallest Quad Copter

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There are some toys that are not merely reserved for kids. Some may be considered as toys for the kids at heart. Nothing can be more appealing to both than the newest and the latest tech toys around. And for those who love toys that fly, the Revell Nano Quad is something worth expecting.

The Revell Nano Quad is a mini-quadcopter recently introduced at the London Toy Fair. The makers say that it is currently the world’s smallest quad copter. Making it this tiny is possible, thanks to advances in smartphone technology. The motors used on the Nano Quad actually started out as vibration motors used in smartphones.  The digital gyroscope used to stabilize the quad copter in the air is also used to stabilize photos taken from a smartphone.

The Revell Nano Quad is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Battery life may be considered an issue since this tiny quad copter can fly for a five-minute duration for every 30-minute charge. The quad copter is controlled using a 2.4 GHz radio signal with a remote controller with a control range for up to 50 meters.  The remote control uses two AAA batteries for power while the Nano Quad comes with a built-in lithium ion battery charged via USB. The Revell Nano Quad is now available for 35 UK Pounds or around $58.

Image Source: Revell

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