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How To Reset GreatPeople.Me UserID & Password

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Kroger greatpeople.me is one of the US’s largest supermarket chains with over 2,700 branch locations across the country. The company was established in 1883 in Ohio and has since, specialized in diverse sectors such as combination food and drug stores, convenient care clinics, bakeries, grocery stores, and multi-departmental stores. With over 2,700 operational supermarkets and multi-department stores in the country, Kroger is known to value and appreciate the performance of their employees in order to lay focus on enhancing their work experience.

It is the largest supermarket chain in the world and one of the largest general retailers in the world. At present Kroger operates about 3000 department stores and supermarkets all over the world. Kroger has a major presence in the Midwestern and southern United States.

How To Reset GreatPeople.Me UserID & Password

It is very important to have the User Id and password to login to an online account. In the same way, it is mandatory to have the Enterprise UserID and Password for Greatpeople.me employee login. Sometimes there is a possibility to forget ID or Password. You can get the lost information of your greatpeople.me from here.

Reset GreatPeople.Me Password

The password is one of the basic requirements for greatpeople.me login. Check below guidelines to reset your lost or forgotten Password.

  1. First, open your browser on your device and visit the official website GreatPeople.me i.e www.greatpeople.com to recover your greatpeople.me password.
  2. Now a new window will be opened i.e the home page of Kroger’s greatpeople login.
  3. Click on “what’s this” to change or reset your great people.me password.
  4. You can find “what’s this” option beside the password field.
  5. Now a new page pops-up will be opened and here you need to enter your Enterprise id and then click on the continue button.
  6. Then after you need to confirm your identity by answering a few simple questions.
  7. After answering all the questions, you will now get a password reset link to your registered mail address from the greatpeople.me Kroger support team.
  8. Open the Kroger great people mail from your list of mails and then click on the password reset link.
  9. A new window will be opened, follow the on-screen instructions and change or reset your greatpeople.me password.
  10. Create a strong & tricky password with a combination of alphanumerics.
  11. Make a note of your new password at some safe place so that you can check it whenever it is required.
  12. Now you can use the new password and UserId for greatpeople.me Kroger login employee.

Benefits of Greatpeople.me Login Portal:

  • Accessible to all employees

One of the foremost advantages of greatpeople.me is that the access is open to all Kroger employees assigned an EUID login id and password. With a user-friendly interface, greatpeople.me is accessed by a large number of employees, thus, making it convenient for the organization to pass on vital information via this online platform.

  • Never miss an update

With constant updates being made on the online platform, the employees stay well aware of Kroger-related news and information. Important updates such as an emergency off day and work schedules are displayed on the platform to relieve the employees of any inconvenience.

  • Enhancing the employees’ level of satisfaction

As the online platform is a closed interface, that is, the content of the website is only limited to the employees, various exclusive special discounts are offered on several Kroger products on the website. This makes the employees feel that the organization cares for them and this enhances their satisfaction level considerably.

  • Convenience

With greatpeople.me, a smooth flow of the day-to-day work operations is enabled. This is due to the available option on the platform which allows employees to register and apply for leaves beforehand and thus, avoiding inconvenience and unnecessary time wastage.

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