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My name is Sania and I am a mother of three: twins (boy and girl) and one boy. I hold a MBA in electronics business and started to work on the Web in 2005. I worked on different projects over the past 10 years and always enjoyed to work on Internet. RedRocket is my new personal project.

I have always been addicted to research. I love to read product reviews about almost everything I buy; I find them to be really helpful for me as a mom. Now, my goal is to share my opinions and thoughts on products that I use for my kids and let people know what they think of them. I will do the research for you!

The goal for this blog is continuous growth. I would like to attract readers and build a solid platform to offer companies a place where we can work together to bring value to the both of us.

My kids and I play with most of the product I review. I always give my honest opinion about these products.

Apart from me, I also have one wonderful guest writer Dennis who love to share their thought on products for children.

I look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to contact us at toys@redrocket.com with any questions or pitches you may have.

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