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Red Toolbox Junior Candy Maze

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Kids like to build things using their hands. These little engineers and builders would sometimes like to have a building project that they can feel proud of when completed. There are such building projects available as toy sets to help kids feed their fascination with building things. One example would be this Red Toolbox Junior Candy Maze. The Red Toolbox Junior Candy Maze is a simple and yet safe building project for kids. This will allow them to assemble and build a simple yet interesting wooden candy vending machine. The Red Toolbox Junior Candy Maze building kit comes with precision cut wooden pieces and other materials in order to make assembly more convenient for kids. With the support of parents, kids can learn how to set up the materials, assemble and put together each piece in order to create a Candy Maze that can give them a confidence boost when completed. When done, the Candy Maze becomes a storage area for candies and provides a fun way to extract the candies. A turn of the lever will allow individual candies to drop and go through a zigzag maze before falling into the extraction tray. The Red Toolbox Junior Candy Maze building kit comes with 22 wooden pieces, nails, sandpaper sheet, five foam rubber balls and rubber band. Assemble may also require having a hammer and wood glue which are not included with the kit. Assembling the pieces will help develop the kid’s fine motor skills, creativity as well as patience in trying to build something from the ground up. The building kit is ideal for kids from 4 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13. Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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