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Ready Spaghetti Board Game

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Playing with food is not something that most parents would want to teach their kids. But sometimes, it is a good way for kids to have some fun. It is all good if kids play with toy food. That is just what the Ready Spaghetti Board Game is all about.

The Ready Spaghetti Board Game is a fun and exciting way for kids to play a game with food involved. In this game it is a contest on who can wind up a strand of spaghetti the quickest. This board game features a plastic base that acts as the plate. There are also four oversized forks, one for each player. The fork is attached to one strand of spaghetti of a unique color. The other end is attached to the game board. There are also several pegs that act as other spaghetti ingredients.

This board game starts with all players dumping their tangled spaghetti strings into the base plate at the same time. Then, they quickly place the ingredient pegs into the game board along with the lump of spaghetti strings. Once that is done, each player takes turns turning their forks to take out the slack from the game board. Players then take turns rolling the die in order to know which of the ingredient pegs to remove. Each player needs to take up the slack of their spaghetti while they do it. The game goes on until a player can wind up the entire spaghetti string during the course of the game. The player who does it first and the fastest wins the game.

The Ready Spaghetti Board Game is easy to learn and comes with a lot of fun surprises. Playing the game also helps kids develop their fine motor skills as well as enhance their cause and effect learning, logic, and reasoning skills. The set comes with a game board, 4 spaghetti strings and forks with their corresponding color as well as . There are also 28 ingredient pieces along with four pairs of fork and spoon along with 4 spoons, a label sheet and die. The Ready Spaghetti Board Game is ideal for kids from 4 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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