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Thinking games can help develop your mental skills the more you play them. These games can be an important part in a child’s mental development. While some kids may dread mental activities, making them fun will certainly keep children doing it. This Read My List card game will certainly help make thinking fun.

The Read My List game features a set of cards that contain a list of words. There are also red and blue cards. Blue cards are the easy ones while Red cards are a bit harder challenges. There are also list cards and category cards that form the basic elements to the game. All the others depend on the quick thinking of the players.

Kids can play Read My List in three different ways- Lists, Categories and Lightning Round. In a game of Lists, the reader states the category and then starts reading the list of words as the other players try to listen carefully. When one player has thought of three other items to add to the list, he or she should yell out, “List!” and then state the three items for all to hear. If they are correct, then the player gets a point.

Another game called Categories start with the reader picking a card and then immediately reads the list printed on the card. Players then try to think of the specific category that fits the list. The first player that figures out the correct category wins a point. In the Lightning Round, the reader states a category and adds one to the list as the other players take turns adding an item to the list. The player that fails gets zero points while the others get one point each. And just like any other games, the player that gets the most points in the end wins the game.

The Read My List game helps kids learn how to match words and categories. It helps develop connective thinking as well as focus and concentration. The fast-paced game gives players quite a mental thrill that is both fun and entertaining. The Read My List is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

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