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RC UFO Ball Copter

by dennis

Playing with remote controlled flying toys can be quite an experience for kids at any age. But the fact that such toys may be handled by kids may be a cause of concern for some, in terms of safety for both the toy itself and the kid that controls it. In the case of an RC flying helicopter, the moving blades may offer some level of concern as it may cause injury and also may be prone to damage if not handled properly. This RC UFO Ball Copter may help alleviate the concerns with a simple addition to the toy.

The RC UFO Ball Copter is a remote controlled helicopter designed with a protective sphere frame surrounding it. The blades are protected in case of a crash and the sphere frame also serves to protect kids handling it. For some added fun element, the RC UFO Ball Copter also comes equipped with LED lighting to provide added fun for night flying, designed to make it look like an alien flying object. An intelligent balance system makes stable flight possible. The RC UFO Ball Copter is available at ThinkGeek for US$40.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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