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R/C Bubble Copter

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Kids would certainly want to enjoy their summers outdoors. Since the season is about to come, I would want them to have something to do while they are out there. I would certainly prepare some activities that they can do on the backyard for fun. You wouldn’t want to end up with kids getting bored and cranky in the summer heat. For the bigger kids, I am sure this unique R/C Bubble Copter will surely occupy their time quite effectively.

The R/C Bubble Copter is a unique remote controlled helicopter that even your kid girls will find interesting and fun. While you might think that most remote controlled toys are designed mostly for boys, this R/C Bubble Copter might also be something for the girls to try out now and then. Despite the design that the R/C Copter comes with, it comes with a feature that many kids will surely love. It blows bubbles.

Yes, this remote controlled helicopter can shoot bubbles as it flies. The older kids can take turns controlling the helicopter while the others can have fun with the bubbles that rain down in its wake. This toy is a 3.5 channel co-axial R/C helicopter with a built-in gyro for smoother handling. It can be controlled within a range of 32 feet. Six AA batteries is all it takes to power the toy to fly. Flying time is around five to seven minutes. Charging time for rechargeable batteries is around 40 to 50 minutes. The R/C Bubble Copter is available at ThinkGeek for US$45.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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