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Razor Zombie Kix Scooter

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Kids love to go around riding in their scooters. But it may take them a while sometimes to get accustomed to how it works. If you are a bit concerned about your kid riding a typical two-wheeled scooter, you have a better option with a three-wheeled one. You can get your kid this new Razor Zombie Kix Scooter.

The Razor Zombie Kix Scooter is a three-wheeled scooter that provides more stability for kids to have a safer ride. It comes with Razor’s patented Tilt-to-Turn feature that helps youngsters learn how to steer. Kids will learn the relationship with tilting the scooter and turning it left or right. Kids will have a feel for maneuvering the scooter without the risk of making sharp turns and fall down. Kids will develop the steering skills that they will need to gradually move to using standard handlebar-based steering on some scooters.

The new Razor Zombie Kix is made out of durable aluminum and plastic construction. Designed for kids from three years old and up, this scooter can hold up to 45 pounds in weight. It also comes with zombie designs to make them more attractive to kids who love everything about zombies. This new designs are set to come out in March of this year. It is expected to cost around $45. Image Source: Kixi Kids

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