Razor Kixi Balance Bike

Teaching kids to ride a bike is not always easy. First, you need to ease their fears of falling down before you get them to be confident enough to ride on a bicycle. You then need the assistance of training wheels attached to bikes to make them stand. But it can take quite a long time for kids to develop their balance and coordination by relying on the training wheels. For younger bike riders, the Razor Kixi Balance Bike may be a better alternative.

The Razor Kixi Balance Bike is designed to help younger pre-schoolers learn to balance on a bike safely. It is a small bike without the pedal and chain assembly. There is a foot rest attached in its place. The Razor Kixi Balance Bike helps kids as young as 3 years old learn the basics of balancing on a bike. It helps build their early confidence and sense of balance and coordination. This will help them learn riding an actual bike once they become old and big enough to ride one.

The Razor Kixi Balance Bike comes with a super-lightweight frame with flat-free airless tires. The seat and handlebars are adjustable to make it more comfortable for kids to ride on. The unique bike can support a kid up to 45 pounds. It also requires some initial assembly by a capable adult before kids can use it to ride and enjoy. The Razor Kixi Balance Bike is available at Amazon for US$55.

Image Source: Razor Kixi

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