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Strategy games such as Scrabble and Othello remain timeless even in the age of smartphones and social networking. This is what the board game called Qwirkle would like to achieve.

Qwirkle by MindWare consists of 108 wooden blocks with six different shapes in six colors. The rule of the game is simple: two to four players match the tiles, whether by the same symbol or color, and whoever scores the most points wins. The strategy lies on blocking the attempts of other players. The game can be played for up to 45 minutes, even longer if you are still learning the ropes. It is designed to be playable for both children and adults, bringing in family members and friends in a competition of the minds.

This board game has earned numerous awards, including Best Mind Game Award from Mensa in 2007 and Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

Qwirkle is available on Amazon for a listed price of $34.99.

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