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Qwirkle Board Game

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Board games may seem old for most kids. After all, they would prefer playing the digital version of most toys. But all it takes is for kids to try board games again to realize that they are actually fun to play with. The Qwirkle Board Game can be a good example.

The Qwirkle Board Game is an addictive strategy game similar to the classic Scrabble, Othello and Sequence games. The main rule in plying Qwirkle is to match the tiles to win points. The set comes with 108 wooden blocks that feature six different shapes in six colors. Players will attempt to score points by building lines that either share the same color or shape similar to dominoes. But it also requires strategy since the other player may be having the same plans as you do.

The easy rules but the different ways to strategize to win makes the Qwirkle Board Game quite fascinating for kids to play. It is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. The Qwirkle Board Game is available at Amazon for $23.

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